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Dinner With Lisa

Dinner with Lisa - R.L. Prendergast, Prendergast I don’t really think that it comes as a surprise to most people that I love Historical Fiction. It’s something I say often and I usually jump at the chance to read books in that area. I have been very limited in the time periods of historical fiction that I usually read, so I was very happy to receive the opportunity to read Dinner with Lisa by R.L. Prendergast.

Dinner with Lisa takes place in Canada in the midst of the Great Depression. It’s a story about family, love, life and above all hope in the face of overwhelming adversity. The book center’s around Joseph, a widowed father of four, and his family as they move to Alberta to make a new life for themselves. As you can imagine, things do not turn out as they had initially planned, but through all of the strife and adversity they manage to stick together.

The book not only delves into Joseph’s family life, but it also paints a very vivid portrayal of life in Canada during the 1930′s. We witness racial tensions that we really don’t think about when it comes to living in Canada. Watching Joseph go through some of the things that he experiences, even at the hands of his own family, is just heartbreaking.

Another high point for Dinner with Lisa is the writing style. R.L. Prendergast manages to be wonderfully descriptive in his narrative. You get a real sense of both what life was like as well as a great feel and understanding of the what the characters are going through. I always say that a good novel makes you feel that you are watching the events unfold right before you, almost like a movie. R.L. Prendergast manages to achieve this with stunning accuracy and detail.

If you haven’t added Dinner with Lisa to your reading list, you really need to immediately.