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Taking a Shot - Jaci Burton I'm going to make this short and sweet. Taking a Shot by Jaci Burton has to be my least favourite book in the Play-by-Play series so far. To me, there was just so much lacking in this one. I found the main character Jenna to be immensely annoying. She went around masquerading as this tough girl but in reality she was afraid of her own shadow. Prone to being detrimentally headstrong and making snap judgements, there really was nothing about her character that I was able to connector identify with.

Likewise the male lead, Ty, had absolutely no depth to his character at all. He just fell flat, even when getting what should have been an insight into what makes him tick, it was just bland. I found him to be weak and ineffectual as a leading man. To top it off, the chemistry and dynamic between both Ty and Jenna just didn't work for me at all. Don't get me wrong; they had plenty of sex, but as far as convincing me that they were in love or on their way to building a relationship, it just wasn't happening.

All in all Taking a Shot by Jaci Burton was a huge disappointment after what had been two pretty strong books in The Perfect Play and Changing the Game. My final verdict is that you can probably skip this one and move on to the next.