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Cinder - Marissa Meyer Originally Posted at All I Ever Read

I must say, that I am not really a fan of re-tellings. They have this tendency to be done really poorly. So poorly that it usually sends me into a bit of a rage for someone ruining a classic. After having read Cinder, I am going to have to revise my initial opinion. Cinder, by Marissa Meyer is wonderful and surprising take on a classic story.

I’m not really sure what I expected when I started reading this book. Actually, I didn’t have any expectations when I sat down and read it. I didn’t even read the synopsis and tried very hard to stay away from any reviews so that I would be able to form my own opinions of the story. I am so glad I did. Science Fiction is definately not something that I read very often if at all. Maybe that is part of why I was I liked it so much.

Cinder is fresh and exciting. Even though it was a re-telling, it wasn’t the typical paranormal romance that is just so popular in YA right now. Not to mention, it was pretty edgy. I loved that it dealt directly with some pretty huge and important social issues. Cinder didn’t cloak or hint at the issues, it confronted them head on. Plus, the heroine is pretty kick ass. Talk about awesome.

I honestly can’t wait to see what’s in-store for the rest of the Lunar Chronicles Series. If Cinder is any indication, this may just become the next big series in YA books.