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The Rising  - Kelley Armstrong Fact: I love the Darkness Rising series by Kelly Armstrong.

Fact: Book one in the series, The Gathering was good.

Fact: Book two in the series, The Calling was better.

Fact: Book three in the series, The Rising is better than both of the first two books.

The Rising continues where The Calling left off. There are no gaps in the story and you aren't left feeling like you are getting any unnecessary repeats of information from either of the first two books. The Rising offers what has become Kelly Armstrong's signature of fluid storytelling with a gradual, but natural progression of the story.

[quote style="1"]"Do you really think that matters? We're bought and paid for, whatever the currency. They say they want us happy, but they really just want us compliant." I looked at him. "I don't do compliant."[/quote]

Honestly, the Darkness Rising series is one of the better YA series' out there. The characterizations of the teens in the books are appropriate. They recognize their own strengths and weaknesses; they are flawed and they know it. This adds to the believability of the story. Nowhere in The Rising do the characters fall into the 'I'm a teenager, but I can save the world and I don't need you' mentality that is found in so many books these days.

All in all, The Rising by Kelly Armstrong is a great story that has plenty of moments of suspense, action, and drama that will keep you on your toes right until the end. The Rising is a fitting end to a great series.