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Triggers - Robert J. Sawyer I have long been a fan of authors such as Steve Berry and James Rollins, and I am always on the lookout to find authors who write stories in a similar vein. Enter Robert J. Sawyer and Triggers. This was the first book I have read by Robert J. Sawyer, and I am so happy I did. Sawyer crafts such an intriguing and daring story, but still manages to make it believable. While the story is a bit futuristic, it’s not so futuristic that the basis for the story is unrealistic.

What I liked:

Characters – This is a multi-character book and as such it is told from the viewpoints of those characters. I love that. I love that it’s not just one character out to save the world, but rather it’s the mix of these different voices, personalities, and experiences that make the story. It adds a depth that is usually lacking in most books in the suspense/thriller genre.

Science/Technology – I love having various scientific concepts explained in books. What I don’t like is having them explained in such a way that it makes my head hurt. Well there is no danger of that in Triggers. Sawyer takes concepts like Quantum Mechanics (oh Physics, how I love you) and not only explains them so that everyone can understand, but also makes it interesting. Repeat after me: Physics is fun!

Details – I am a sucker for details and Triggers definitely had them. I absolutely loathe when a book glosses over something, but there really was no danger of that here. I also didn’t feel like I was drowning in those very same details, because let’s face it; it really is a very fine balance between too much and too little and Triggers achieves that balance.

The Ending – While everything seemed to happen all at once, for me at least, it worked in this story. The best way to describe it without giving anything away is to say that the ending is like a puzzle. You’re looking for that one piece and then when you find it, everything else really clicks into place once you find that one piece. Well that is what happens in Triggers. Once that key piece is found, it suddenly all makes sense.

This is a book that should be added to your TBR pile. Especially if your a fan of Science Fiction or Suspense/Thriller books. I can personally say that after having read Triggers, I will certainly be picking up more books by Robert J. Sawyer.