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Angel Burn  - L.A. Weatherly Originally posted to All I Ever Read

So I am not too sure just why it took me so long to finally read Angel Burn by L.A. Weatherly. The book was released in hardcover in May 2011 and while it was on my TBR list, I wasn’t rushing out to pick up a copy. Fortunately, with the release of the paperback version being released in December 2011, I was given an opportunity by the Publisher to read and review a copy.

What I liked:

Bad Angels – Umm, yes please. It’s certainly much more fun to think of them as being bad than as completely benevolent characters. It also makes much more sense than them being all fluffy and light. If you actually look at depictions of Angels in the Bible, they seriously don’t look or act like the little cherubs you see in paintings. The Angels in the Bible are God’s warrior’s and messengers and as such it’s more reasonable to think that they could possibly have more of a dark side than we as people, tend to think they do.

The General Story – I have already said that I like the idea of Angels not being all goodness and light, but what I really like is that this story ties that same disturbing twist and ties it to most of the world’s health woes. They don’t have the Angels just running around and behaving badly for the sake of doing so, rather there is a reason for what they are doing, regardless if it is right or wrong.

What I didn’t like:

The Romance – the relationship between Willow and Alex just didn’t make sense to me. I mean I know they are teenagers, but going from the ‘I hate you’ to ‘you are the most important thing in my life’ in the blink of an eye was a bit much for me. There was no buildup in their feelings at all. They went from not speaking to one another to all over each other the next day. I think I would have believed it more if they built up to the romance and had time to actually explore their feelings.

The Whole CIA Thing – More specifically, Alex being recruited by the CIA while still in his early teens. I mean I know the CIA is all secretive and stuff, but this isn’t believable at all. Not by a long shot. You are talking about this happening in the U.S., where you can’t vote until you are eighteen and you can’t drink until you are twenty-one. It is not reasonable by any stretch of the imagination that the CIA would recruit a teenager, give him a gun, and send him on his way to be an Angel Killer.

For me, this was a good book. It had action, suspense, romance, and an interesting back story. I personally can’t wait to see what happens in book two and continue more of the journey with Willow and Alex.

Keep an eye out for book two in the Angel Burn series. Angel Fire will be released on January 24, 2012.