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Girl in Shades - Allison Baggio Originally posted at All I Ever Read

I’ve been slacking a bit. I originally read Girl in Shades back in October 2011, and should have written my review then. The problem was that I just couldn’t put my thoughts into words. Well I sat down and read it a second time hoping that it would finally help me get the words out. So here goes nothing.

After two reads in a period of 4 months, there are no words I can use to adequately describe my love for Girl in Shades by Allison Baggio. Really, I am serious. NO.WORDS. But because I am a reviewer, I am certainly going to try.

Girl in Shades is a coming of age story. The main character Maya is just such an interesting and amazing character. With every page I read, I just found myself on this journey with her and ultimately I found myself privileged to be along for the ride. There is just something so wonderful and inspiring about watching Maya challenged time and time again, and every time it happens, she just picks herself up and keeps moving.

I also just loved Allison’s writing. The pacing of the story was great and I had no problem diving right in. I think I finished the book in one sitting actually. I just became so invested in what was going on that I couldn’t put the book down. The first person narration felt very intimate and personal drew me into the story from the beginning.

Girl in Shades is an intense character driven drama that should be read by everyone.