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Crossed - Ally Condie Review Originally posted at All I Ever Read

I really, really did not like Matched, but as a follow up Crossed was actually pretty decent. I ended up reading both books back to back so I was able to keep going with the story. As a result, I really can't help but compare the two books.

I must say that I enjoyed the setting in Matched much more. For me, having the characters leave the city for the Outer Provinces lends credibility to the whole Dystopian aspect. I felt that it gave Crossed a sense of danger and excitement that I found was lacking in Matched. There were so many plot twists that I found myself unable to predict what was going to happen next; something that I greatly enjoyed.

Once I got used to them, I loved the differing viewpoints. In my opinion, it really helped keep the story from revealing itself too soon. Plus it was really nice to get a look inside of Ky's mind. I found his viewpoint to be very refreshing and almost pure in his feelings. Plus, it was a bonus to have male characters, who while very different from one another, were not absolute morons. It was so nice to just finally get some decent male love interests. I am really tired of this whole trend in YA of girls always falling for the pining after the controlling jerk. Kudos to Ally Condie for creating two different male characters in Xander and Ky who aren't actually jerks masquerading as the ideal choice.

I have to say, that now I am kind of bummed that I have to wait a whole year to find out just how this series ends.