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Children of Paranoia - Trevor Shane I am not even going to lie. The title of the book hooked me before I even read the synopsis. Then I read the synopsis and knew I had to get a copy for myself. I am so glad I did.

For me, while the book started off a bit slow, it still allowed me to dive into both the characters and the story. Once the story gets going, it really gets going and before you know it you are kneed deep in suspense, drama, action and intrigue. I think it's a real testament to Trevor Shane's ability as a writer to be able to craft a character like Joe, who to me is the ultimate anti-hero and the opposite of everything that you would typically look up, and yet you still want to see him succeed.

I love the contrast between Joe's darkness and Maria's light. There is just something that is so moving to me about Joe having been a person of absolutes who then has his world turned upside down by Maria and her introduction into his life. To watch their relationship unfold and to see the changes both characters go through was just amazing. Knowing that this was the first book in a trilogy, I didn't think that we would get a chance to see such character depth and development in the first book, but I was wrong and I was pleasantly surprised.

All in all this was a fabulous book. I absolutely devoured it roughly four hours and of course I am now left dying to know what happens next. Trevor Shane has managed to create an absolutely wonderful and engaging debut that leaves readers wanting more.