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Dexter in the Dark  - Jeff Lindsay This is my least favourite book in the Dexter series. There is something about Dexter being scared that just doesn't sit well with me. It makes him far too human, which really takes away his whole appeal. The reason that Dexter is so appealing to readers is that he is not like us. He is not bound by the same moral compass that binds the vast majority of our society. The fact that he exists on the fringes and fakes just enough to get by is what makes him so compelling.

All that makes Dexter who he is is missing in Dexter in the Dark as his Dark Passenger goes silent in the face of a truly terrifying foe. Dexter isn't top dog in this book. He isn't showing a mutual appreciation for another killers skill or work. This time, he is being well and truly hunted.

While there is plenty of action that happens in this book, there is more delving into Dexter's psyche. Dexter tries to keep one step ahead of his foe, but how can he do that when his sharpest instinct is no longer available to him. Of course we also watch Dexter juggle his ungrateful sister Deborah, his annoying fiancée Rita, and his two protegees in training Cody and Astor all while trying to save his own life.