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Dearly Devoted Dexter - Jeff Lindsay My favourite serial killer is back once again. By day he is continuing to work for the Miami Police department as a blood splatter analyst and of course by night, he is slashing his way through the dregs of the Miami society. There are just a few problems in Dexter's happily ordered life of work and murder. Sargent Doakes is on to him and someone may or may not want to kill him! Whatever is Dexter to do?

As Doakes' constant presence begins to put a damper on Dexter's happy slashing fun, Dexter decides to sharpen his disguise. While spending his evenings on Rita's couch drinking beer, he notices some familiar behaviour in her children. Could they be more like him than anyone suspects? Dexter quickly finds himself as a mentor to Cody and Astor as he tries to steer them on the right path.

Of course it's not all playing daddy and shaping the monsters of the future for Dexter. His sister has once again become involved in a gruesome case. It quickly becomes clear that Dexter's archnemisis Doakes has some connection to the case and the two must reluctantly work together to solve it. Dexter may just be able to kill two birds with one stone.

Once again, this book is quite funny and had me laughing out loud. Jeff Lindsey continues to develop Dexter's character and with each book a little more of himself is revealed.