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The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin Quite honestly, I have wanted to read this books for months but really had no idea why. I do love the cover and of course, that is what initially drew me in. But there was something about the synopsis that grabbed my attention enough to make me purchase the book. Even after the reviews started coming in (I didn't read them, but took a look at the ratings), I really still had no idea just what this book was about. Nevertheless, I am glad that I picked it up because it was phenomenal.

It really didn't matter that I didn't have a basic understanding of what the novel was about when I began reading it. The writing is so well done that it just sucks you in. I actually think I enjoyed the book more not knowing as it allowed me the opportunity to just read and not compare it to other books. It didn't lower my expectations for the book, but it did allow me to look read and approach it with an untainted outlook.

The interactions between characters was spot on. Michelle Hodkin managed to give everyone their own personalities and that came across clearly in both situations and dialogue. Conflicted and confused Mara, confident and endearing Noah, loyal and smart Daniel, mischievous and outspoken Jamie all added depth to the story. The interaction between Mara and Noah is really kind of epic.

The book itself is quite large at close to 500 pages. I think it's one of the larger YA titles I have read in the past year. Having said that, those 500 pages go by like a breeze. I got through this book in just over two hours because I just couldn't put it down and of course now I am eagerly anticipating the follow up which probably won't come out until next year some time!

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer is a fabulous read with enough suspense, mystery and romance to keep the reading turning page after page.