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The Sixes: A Novel - Kate White Originally Posted to All I Ever Read

This is the first book I have read written by Kate White. I have to say, if they are all like this, then I need to read more of her work.

The Sixes, like The Twisted Thread by Charlotte Bacon, is a book about a murder and secret society of mean girls. Actually girls aren’t just mean, they are sociopath’s. Sociopath’s with far, far too much time on their hands.

Phoebe Hall is a famous writer recently a part of plagiarism scandal. As a way to lay low and recover from this scandal she is offered a place teaching a writing class at Lyle College by her long time friend who is now the head of the school. Shortly after her arrival, a girl is found drowned in the river just off campus. During the investigation into her death, the school administration gets wind of a secret society of girls that may be operating on campus. Desperate to contain possible damage to the school, Phoebe is tasked with using her journalistic talents to investigate The Sixes.

Phoebe’s investigation, predictably, stirs up a hornet’s nest and makes her the target for this group of mean girls on crack. It’s actually scary the complete lack of respect for authority or personal safety that The Sixes show in their bid to intimidate Phoebe from finding out the truth about them. In the course of investigating The Sixes, Phoebe unwittingly becomes involved in the investigation for the killer that appears to be haunting Lyle College, its students and Phoebe herself.

Kate White has done a phenomenal job in weaving all the different back stories together into one cohesive and dynamic thriller. I guarantee that this is one ending that you won’t see coming.

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