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Map of Bones - James Rollins So as of now, everyone already knows of my total fangirl love and appreciation of James Rollins and his Sigma Force series. Oh, you didn't know, well now you do!

This is book number two in the Sigma Force series and it is the first one that I read. I honestly didn't feel that I was missing anything from the story by not having read book one (which is called Sandstorm by the way).

From the opening moments of the book, the action and suspense doesn't stop. From the massacre in the cathedral in Cologne, Germany, to the famous lighthouse of Alexandria, James Rollins once again takes the reader on a never-ending trip filled with action, adventure, suspense and drama. Add to that a healthy dose of History, Science and the ancient art of Alchemy and you have one book you won't be able to put down.

I have said it before and I will say it again, the best part of the Sigma Series is that though Rollins manages to wrap up whatever mystery is the subject of the book, the overall mystery of the series, gets resolved a little at a time. All in all, it leaves you satisfied at the end of the book, but wanting to get on to the next one to get the next piece of the puzzle.