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The Pact: A Love Story - Jodi Picoult While I did like this book, it was not one of my favourite Jodi Picoult books.

There was just something about this book, and I still can’t figure out what it is exactly, that I wasn’t able to connect with. The names drove me crazy. I wasn’t able to keep track of who was who and I had to keep going back to the beginning to remind myself who was who. It also didn’t help that there were these flashbacks that didn’t really add to the story, in my opinion.

What I did love is that once again Jodi made me believe in a situation that was so far-fetched. Do I think that a suicide pact is far-fetched? No, I don’t. But the way that the one in this book plays out is. Even after having read the book twice, I still don’t know the reason it happened in the first place. Not to mention, that Emily, who comes up with the idea never gives a reason for her wanting to commit suicide, not even to Chris who ends up being the surviving member of the pact. Even though he is never given a reason a reason, Chris decides to end his life simply because he can’t see his life being worth living without her in it. To me, that isn’t realistic at all and that is where Jodi Picoult’s talent really comes in. While I may not have believed in the circumstances, she did have me believing in the characters.
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