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The Throne of Fire - Rick Riordan Mini Review: Originally posted to All I Ever Read

I really like this series of books. Much better than the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series (they are both written by the same author). This is book number two in the Kane Chronicles series. The series is scheduled to conclude in Spring 2012 with the publication of the third as yet unnamed book in the trilogy.

The book follows siblings Sadie and Carter Kane as they try to revive the missing sun go Ra in hopes of doing so preventing Apophis from escaping his prision. Rather than being completely on their own this time around as they try to save the world in 4 days, they have the help of some of the new magicians they have been training as well as the dwarf god BES.

I must say that this book was laugh out loud funny in some instances and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sadie and Carter are 12 and 14 in this book respectively, but in terms of the way they are written, it is not really obvious. They find themselves in mortal danger again and again and manage to come through with little to no adult supervision. If only my life had been this interesting when I was 12!