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The Marriage Betrayal - Lynne Graham
It has been a very long time since I read a straight up romance book. After reading this one, I remember why I stopped. The story is a familiar one. Woman is self-reliant and from a broken home. As a result she is looking for love, but holding out for the one. Man is a spoiled playboy who is not used to hearing the word no. Man likes the thrill of the challenge that woman brings and wants to sleep with her, but doesn’t want to have a relationship. Woman puts up half-hearted attempts to resist while still maintaining her secret identity. Of course said resistance lasts all of a day under the overwhelming onslaught of Man’s advances that come while he is trying to dodge his deceased brother’s fiancée. This all happens in a 48-hour period.

Once back home in the real world, Tally tries to stay away from Sander but of course she is unable to resist. Relationship, if you could call it that, continues and of course she ends up pregnant. Include the stereotypical “you are trying to trap me and it’s your fault you are pregnant” argument and a blackmail plot that really wasn’t much of a plot but more an ultimatium and you pretty much have the whole story. The love scenes were nothing spectacular and in all honesty, I found myself skipping over them entirely. The main characters are both very annoying. Tally manages to come across as having no backbone at all despite all of her posturing and Sander the playboy is so laughable it’s not even funny.

While the story idea sounds good in and of itself, the execution of it leaves a lot to be desired. It is a relatively short book at 192 pages and is actually part one of a two part series. Even though I really didn’t enjoy this book, I am going to read the second one. It will be interesting to see if after reading the second one if I will like the first one better.